Ono Yum's I Love Poke Festival

We will be participating in San Diego's 7th Annual "I Love Poke Festival" and food competition on Tuesday, May 24 from 6-9 p.m. at the Bali Hai Restaurant. Celebrating the Hawaiian culture and cuisine, the event is hosting Hawaiian families staying at San Diego's Ronald McDonald House for an evening of aloha.

"We are honored to be a part of this event and educate the attendees on how poke started and evolved and how the immigration of other cultures to Hawaii like Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Korean has had a hand in that evolution, which is what makes Hawaii so special," said Troy Wada, co-founder of Da Hawaiian Poke Company. "In addition, we are excited to show how poke can be a simple, yet flavorful dish and also showcase its diversity."

We will demo and serve two types of poke - Old School and Da Works. The Old School ahi poke showcases how poke was enjoyed in "old" Hawaii. This serving will be made with locally caught ahi, Hawaiian salt, inamona, limu kohu, Maui onions, green onions and a side of Hawaiian chili pepper. The second ahi poke called "Da Works" is the company's signature poke dish made with locally caught Hawaii ahi, DHPC's special shoyu sauce, ogo, maui onion, green onions, crispy garlic, tobiko, furikake and chili flakes.

"We chose to participate and not compete as our goal at the event is to educate attendees about Hawaii's culture and food," said Wada. "With all of the exposure poke has been having on the mainland lately, we wanted to provide a true representation of the type of poke that people who grew up in Hawaii have eaten all of ther lives."

DHPC will also have its California team there opening another location in the greater L.A. area to assist with the event.

The I Love Poke Festival was established in 2010 by its founder and creator Nino "Neens" Camilo who was born and raised in California, but has family in Hawaii, which is how he fell in love with poke.

"I created this event 7 years ago because all my Hawaii family and friends that lived on the mainland craved poke like crazy," said Camilo. "It started out as a way to help satisfy their cravings but has blossomed into this event beyond any expectations. It has always been my priority to represent the food and culture of Hawaii properly, which is why I have invited Da Hawaiian Poke Company to do a demo and share their passion and knowledge with our mainland poke enthusiasts."

The I Love Poke Festival also occurs in Orange County, Seattle and the Bay Area at various times of the year. Tickets can be purchased at http://onoyum.com/events.